Makers Market of Ludington

What's happening:
    • We've moved to 307 South James St., to a studio in the rear of a commercial space subdivided into a group of offices/studios available to support small business and all things Mason County made.
    • Regular Hours: To be determined. Our open hours and access is dependent on volunteer participation. This is our opportunity to regroup and figure out how we want to function moving forward. Have ideas? Send us an email.

              Hours and other goings-ons:
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              Makers Mkt Video Update

              About our move:

              The Makers Market of Ludington has moved from its Ludington Ave. location to the rear (east) studio at 307 South James St. The makerspace will be part of a group of offices and studios available to support small businesses and all things Mason County made.
              “The new space was graciously gifted to us for zero rent in support of our mission as a community makerspace,” said Erica Karmeisool, founder and director of the Makers Market. She said the organization will have use of the studio until Dec. 15th, 2017. The makerspace will be downsizing from its current 8,000 sqft facility to approximately 360 sqft.
              “It will be different, very different, from what we've known over the last year. It will be great for small projects, tinkering, electronics, repairs, classes and more. It's a place from which to grow,” said Karmeisool. The makerspace will reopen in early July. Access will be an average of 1 to 2 days per week, dependent on volunteer participation, and for special events, workshops and classes.
              In order to stabilize and grow, the Makers Market is in need of people to take the reigns at the organization’s leadership level to support a space and schedule similar to what was accomplished over its last year of operation. “We also need a makerspace director,” said Karmeisool. “My capacity to maintain this role has reduced, as I need to focus on personal and income producing work.”
              With a core group of people committed to a variety of roles, Karmeisool said the makerspace will have the foundation needed to collectively determine where and how they operate after December.

              Where we are:

              After July 7th: 307 South James Street, in the studio at the back (east end) of the building. Contact us

              Makers Market of Ludington