Makers Market of Ludington

Announcement Today:
Oaktree, COVE and MCE Robotics to receive bequest
We are pleased to announce that Makers Market members have selected Oaktree Academy's Tinker Studio and Program as the recipient of our bequest. Other recipients include $500 to the COVE - Empower Me Makerspace and $500 to the Mason County Eastern Schools Cardinaltronics Robotics Team #6005.
We believe the vision outlined in these proposals will grow our county's maker movement, and we support these efforts. Congratulations!
Oaktree Academy
Oaktree Academy's Tinker Studio and Program: Oaktree Academy is a nonprofit children’s center providing care and enrichment programming to children up to thirteen years of age. The proposal includes the conversion of a 600 square foot unused classroom to a flexible tinker studio that would include stations for woodworking, metalworking, textiles, painting, crafting and other project space. Existing school-age programming would become maker-movement focused to utilize the studio space on a daily basis. Tinker Studio programming would be offered to community members of all ages through STEM education activities, community projects, school field trips, workshops and camps, while adult, youth, and family programming would continue to be developed.

Communities Overcoming Violent Encounters (COVE)

Communities Overcoming Violent Encounters (COVE): $500 was awarded to COVE for its proposed “Empower Me Makerspace.” Clients will learn skills, self-sufficiency and entrepreneurialism by creating handmade products and selling them locally and online. “Our clients will be thrilled with the opportunity this funding will provide to them,” said Sandy Francis, development and public relations manager. “Adding a makerspace to COVE resources enhances our ability to increase the success of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault by providing them with an opportunity to learn sustainable skills. This will also benefit local employers by helping to increase a skilled and motivated workforce.”

Mason County Eastern Schools Cardinaltronics Robotics Team #6005

Mason County Eastern Schools Cardinaltronics Robotics Team #6005: $500 was awarded to the MCE “Cardinaltronics” for the purchase of tools, which will also be made available to others in the district, including the Drama Club and Art Department. "As Mason County's original FIRST Robotics team, Cardinaltronics #6005 is excited to continue the spirit of the Makers Market with this bequest,” said Sarah McDonald, MCE science teacher and robotics team lead mentor. “It is heartwarming to see our community supporting and nurturing the young makers at Mason County Eastern."
What's next:
The schedule for transferring goods and funds to the recipient organizations has yet to be finalized. Once the gifts have been given in their entirety, the Makers Market as an organization will dissolve. The spirit will continue through the vision outlined in these proposals, and our maker community will do our best to support their success.
Thank you for YOUR support of the Makers Market and the growth of Mason County’s maker movement!
With gratitude - Erica Karmeisool
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