• We're just getting started, and your contribution of tools, equipment or supplies will help us build this resource - anything from sandpaper to a table saw is appreciated. At this time, contributions to the Makers Mkt are not tax-deductible.
  • Click here to learn what we need and how to make a contribution.

Get involved:
  • Become a Member and be a part of Ludington's maker movement!
  • We’re here for you! If you would like to teach a class, workshop or host a maker event, let us know!
  • Shop mentors & instructors needed - We want to make sure everyone using the space is safe and informed. If you have experience managing a shop, let us know...stop in and help others learn.

Lend a hand:
  • There’s always a project to do! We’ll be building out the facility as the makerspace grows with community need. Stop in and swing a hammer...anything from cabinet setting, marketing to painting will be needed on a continual basis. Your help is appreciated!