Makerspace Studio:

The 360 sq/ft facility offers efficient space to work on a variety of projects. Tooling, equipment and materials include:
  • Light woodworking (drill press, miter saw, band saw, scroll saw, sanders and more)
  • Paint / finishing supplies
  • Electronics supplies and soldering
  • Textiles (sewing machine, leather working tools, beading, etc.)
  • Wet saw, tile, stone, plaster
  • Instruction and classroom space
  • Individual work stations / carts


Front entrance (west): Free parallel parking is available on James Street.
Rear entrance (east): Free lot parking is available east of the alley behind the block.
3D Floorplan - 307 South James

Our location

Is different...very different...from what we've known during our first year of operation. It's great for small projects, tinkering, repair, classes and more - it's our hangout and headquarters. It's a great place to teach stuff, learn stuff and make stuff!
  • The space is gifted to us at $0 rent in support of our mission as a community makerspace - THANK YOU!
  • We are part of a group of offices/studios available to support small business and all things Mason County made.
  • We are able to host workshops and classes, and will have access to more indoor/outdoor space during those activities.
  • We operate in an efficient 360 sq.ft.
  • We do not have ventilated space for spray painting.
  • Access is reduced and dependent on volunteer participation.

Youth Programming at the Makers Market