What is the Makers Market of Ludington?

We are a makerspace...or, makers space, hack space, fab lab - take your pick! Essentially, a community workshop. We provide shared, communal space and tools for people to make their own projects. We also have “ready made” project kits for purchase, items that our members are making and selling, and we offer workshops and classes.

Do I have to be a member to come in?

No. Everyone is welcome to come and tour the facility, shop and learn. Visitors and non-members are always welcome to construct a Pop-In Project (NO membership or pass required) or participate in a variety of freeby projects, like our Take-It-Apart-Table.

Are you a place for kids or adults?

Both! We encourage and support the transfer of generational knowledge - having the young and not-so-young learn from each other. Adults (18 years and older) may sign up as members, and youth (17 years and younger) are the responsibility of the adult member. We do not set age restrictions, and youth must be accompanied by an adult when using the facility or tools. Pop-In Projects are specifically designed for makers of all ages, even the tiniest ones!

What kinds of things may be made there?

We’ve seen everything from prototypes to painting, from carpentry to computing. Our members are both professionals and novices, youth and adults. Our facility is best equipped to support projects in wood, metal, plastics, electronics, paint, textiles, plaster/cement and other mixed media.

Will you make my project for me?

No. We want you to feel the power and confidence that comes from making it yourself! If you really don’t want to make it, let us know and we may be able to connect you with a maker who accepts commissions.

Do you provide materials?

Yes, for Members and Day Passes! The basics like sandpaper, wood glue, and other standard supplies are here for all projects. Members may use the variety of materials we have on site - if they work for your project, or if you want to tinker. If you have a particular project in mind, plan on bringing your own.

Do I have to take my stuff home?

No. We have temporary project storage so you may leave your stuff here and return to your project another day. Locking storage is also available for a monthly fee.

What do I need to bring?

Members and Day Pass users: bring plans, ideas and any specific materials you may need. Personal safety gear, such as glasses, hearing protection and gloves are here for you to use, but bring your own, if you prefer.


What tools are available?

Be sure to take a look at our facility layout. In addition to a variety of hand-held tools, the following power tools are available for use - and more!
  • General/light power tools: tile saw, band/orbital/palm/corner sanders, sawzall, circular saw, jigsaw, drills, router, dremel, rotozip, biscuit joiner, heat gun, hot glue gun, soldering iron, air compressor and pneumatic nailers/staplers , etc.
  • Woodworking: Table saw, band saw, lathe, drill press, radial arm saw, compound miter saw, scroll saw, jointer, shaper, router, shopsmith, etc.
  • Metalworking: Grinder, polisher, forge, dry chop saw, etc.
  • Textiles: sewing machine (general use and upholstery), serger, loom, etc.
  • Paint & Finishing: Roller handles, brushes, stencils, etc.

What tools do you need?

Our current priority is to expand our metalworks. We are always appreciative of tools and equipment contributions of all kinds. Wish list:
  • Plasma cutter, welders (most varieties), argon regulator, anvil, laser engraver, wood planer, drum sander, shop vacs and dust collection, 20+ gallon air compressor, industrial sewing machine, leatherworking tools, glassworking tools
  • Tool Accessories: Blades, bits, sharpeners, batteries & chargers (DeWalt 18 volt)
  • Safety Equipment: Goggles, eye protection, eyewash stations, gloves & hand protection, hearing protection, ergonomic protection, noise control, respiratory protection, safety mats
  • Hardware/Fasteners, & Supplies: Sandpaper & sanding pads, polishing paste, glue, screws, nuts & bolts, s-hooks, hinges, staples
  • Fixtures/Furniture: Overhead projector to connect to a computer, casters, rolling carts, ladders & step stools, work stools, clear plastic storage bins, garbage bins
  • Housekeeping/Hospitality: Trash bags, coffee :), brooms, mops, dustpans, rags & shop towels, paper towel, soap, cleaning supplies, etc.

Are you accepting donations of materials?

Yes and no. We are no longer accepting contributions of wood (except exotics) or paint/stain/varnishes. Please let us know what material you may have to contribute before bringing it over.


Is the Makers Market a nonprofit organization?

Not yet. The Makers Market of Ludington is an entity of createXchange, L3C (a Michigan low-profit limited liability company). By starting as an L3C, we have learned the specific needs of the community for Ludington’s first makerspace.

Are you able to provide a tax deduction receipt for contributions?

Not at this time. We truly appreciate contributions of tools, supplies, fixtures and materials. These gifts enable our community to learn skills and build self sufficiency for low or no cost. If you have a contribution that would expand this access for our community and a tax deduction receipt is required, please let us know.

Did you move to a new building?

Yes! We moved from Ludington Avenue to 307 South James St. We reopened to members only at our current building. Downtown Ludington will be welcoming a new development at the 200 block of Ludington Ave., with construction beginning sometime in 2018. The development will provide more commercial and residential space, and our current building will be demolished to make way for this addition to our community. Learn more from the Ludington Daily News.


How does Membership work?

Becoming a member is the best fit for completing a project that you already have in mind. Sign up by the month and get access to the entire facility and all the tools within whenever we’re open. We provide a general orientation (safety and procedures), and you must physically demonstrate that you can operate the tools safely and confidently before using them independently. A Makers Market representative is always available to help.

How do Day Passes work?

Day Passes are not available at this time. Day Passes provided access to the entire facility and all the tools within for any given business day. So, you may use the sewing machine for an hour or so, then switch to the band saw. This is a great option if you need to use specific tools that you may not have or for completing a simple project that you already have in mind. We provide an orientation (safety and procedures) for the specific tools you need that day, and you must physically demonstrate that you can operate the tools safely and confidently before using them independently.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes. There is no fine print - you must acknowledge that you are voluntarily and willingly using a facility and tools that can seriously hurt you.

Is there someone there who can teach me?

On any given day, we can help get you oriented to the basic tools and processes. If you are interested in more guidance, we can help play “match maker” and connect you with a Maker Mentor (our beloved volunteers who know stuff). For more instruction, please check our schedule of workshops and classes.

I know stuff - could I teach a class or host a workshop?

Yes! We would love to have you share your skills with others. Let us know what you have in mind, and we will work with you to organize a workshop. Instructors are responsible for gathering materials, teaching, setup & cleanup and retain 75% of the workshop fee(s).

I make stuff. May I consign at your space?

We are not offering consignment sales at this time. Previously, Members were welcome to sell what they made, and they retained 70% of the retail price. We did not consign items for non-members.

Do you need volunteers?

Yes! We are a volunteer-run organization, and there is always room for more folks to get involved. We welcome and greatly appreciate help with:
  • Organizational Leadership: Join our team by becoming a Maker Mentor or a Shop Supervisor
    • Maker Mentors are individuals with specialized skills or years of experience who are willing to come in as-needed or during designated days to help others learn.
    • Supervisors assume the oversight of a particular “shop” (such as the metalshop or ceramics).
  • Occasional Puttering: Tinkerers, tool fixers, sweepers, organizers, etc.