Maker Membership and Passes

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Become a Member:

  Individual Maker Member:
Membership benefits for one adult (18 years or older)
$30 per month
*You may change the quantity of months while completing Paypal's check out process.

Sign-up the whole family:

Maker Member+PLUS:
Membership benefits for one adult (18 years or older) PLUS one additional adult at the same household and up to any six (6) youth in the adults’ care. 

$35 per month
*You may change the quantity of months while completing Paypal's check out process.

If you have questions about membership, please contact us

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Looking forward in 2017

With all we have lined up for 2017 - programs, field trips, workshops, moving, updates, meetups, and MAKING - we are already having one awesome year, and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We have a lot of decisions to make, and we need lots of hands on deck to keep things rockin'. Please let us know if you would like to become part of our organizational team. We need help organizing as a nonprofit, finding our next location and enhancing our outreach.

If for any reason our next location and offerings do not meet your making needs, we will be happy to refund the prorated amount of your remaining membership.

Maker Membership benefits:
  • Access: tools, equipment & facility, community materials & supplies, workshop wifi*
  • Help: instruction & mentorship…
  • Community: learn from those around you
  • Inspiration: factory tours & other demonstrations of maker-power
  • First dibs: classes, workshops & spontaneous awesomeness
* Members must complete an orientation and safety instruction to have access to power tools and machinery.

Makers Market Day Pass
Day Passes:
  • $12 for and individual; $15 for +PLUS
  • Provides access to tools and facility within the open hours of any business day
  • Bring your own project idea and materials
  • Communal materials not included
  • Purchase Day Passes in person at the Makers Market...Cash or card accepted
* Day Pass users complete orientation and safety instruction to the specific tools needed for that day.

OTHER Membership Types:

Volunteer at the Makers Mkt of Ludington
Volunteer Membership

Exchange regularly scheduled time (approximately 8 hours per week) for your membership and extra special benefits.

Veteran's Membership at the Makers Mkt of Ludington
Veteran's Maker Membership

Thanks to an anonymous donation, the Makers Market is honored to offer FREE MEMBERSHIP for anyone who has served in the U.S. Military. This special gift comes from "the proud offspring of a patriotic WWII vet."

Sign up for a Veteran's Maker Membership here

Our current location:

We're staying put at our current building through May 31, 2017! We look forward to celebrating our 1 year anniversary and announcing the next location for your community makerspace at that time. Until then, we look forward to you making stuff here - become a member, extend, renew or give one as a gift!

Background: Downtown Ludington will be welcoming a new development in 2017, at the 200 block of Ludington Ave. to provide more commercial and residential space. Our current building will be demolished to make way for this wonderful addition to our community. Learn more from the Ludington Daily News