Tools & Equipment

We're just getting started, and your contribution of Tools & Equipment will help us build this resource - anything from sandpaper to a table saw is appreciated. At this time, contributions to the Makers Mkt are not tax-deductible.

Needs and Requests:
 Power Tool(s) - Heavy/Stationary
  • Table saw, band saw, joiner, planer, industrial sewing machine, potters' wheel, kiln, air compressor, welders, compound mitre saw, drill press, drum sander, metal brake & benders, etc.
 Power Tool(s) - Light/Hand-held
  • Drill, angle grinder, impact wrench, rivet gun, heat gun, hammer drill, sanders, circular saw, etc.
 Hand Tool(s)
  • Clamps, screw drivers, hammers, tin snips, wrenches, vice grips, measuring tapes, speed squares, hand saws, chisels, rasps and files, staple guns, etc.
 Tool Accessories
  • Blades, bits, sharpeners, batteries, chargers, holders & hangers, stands, machinery guards, etc.
 Safety Equipment
  • Goggles, eye protection, eyewash stations, gloves & hand protection, hearing protection, ergonomic protection, noise control, respiratory protection, safety mats, safety cans & gas tanks, spill control supplies, etc.
 Hardware/Fasteners, & Supplies:
  • Sandpaper & sanding pads, polishing paste, glue, paint, screws, nuts & bolts, s-hooks, hinges, staples, nails, etc.
  • Overhead projector to connect to a computer, casters - things that roll are amazingly helpful!, rolling carts, ladders & step stools, work stools, clear plastic storage bins, garbage bins, signage, etc.
  • Music playing devices!, trash bags, coffee :), brooms, mops, dust pans, rags & shop towels, paper towel, soap, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Wood, metal, paint, fabric, plastics, wiring & electronic parts, etc.